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Bovodar and the Bears Banner

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Getting the Train On Track

Other pursuits for the past few years have diverted my attention from my original passion, which was working on this fictional universe that I write about on this blog.  Those diversions have distracted me on a weekly basis from putting any energy into producing original, fictional content.  Home life, work, the world and its problems--it can all be a huge block for what a guy originally sets out to do.  I feel like the ever-procrastinating George R.R. Martin with this project. 

All that said, I've had a lot of thoughts about getting book two finished, sent to an actual publisher, rather than doing the Kindle-self-publishing thing, and perhaps even getting Bovodar and the Bears illustrated in some fashion.  I think that this story could be better told in a visual medium, truth be told. 

And with that, here is an illustration from a close friend who occasionally helps me along with this vision.  It is a scene in which the great owl, Gabbella, dived down to snatch away Bovodar's friend, Grep Humblemine, the little mole who served as his butler.