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Bovodar and the Bears Banner

Monday, October 6, 2014

Anthropomorphic Bear Movement: Paddington the Bear

A friend showed me something really great a couple of days ago.

Perhaps some of you may remember an old show that used to be on Nickelodeon in the 1980s called Paddington the Bear.  It was a British child's show that Nickelodeon used in the days when it still had to draw a lot of programming material from Across the Pond.

It seems that a new movie about Paddington the Bear is coming out this winter.  I must say, as I observe the movements of this bear in the previews, I am able to more clearly visualize the movements of the bears who meet and travel with Bovodar.  I suppose if my Bovodar stories ever get made into film, I'd probably go with this special effects company.

Two Years Writing Bovodar and the Dragons

My work on the first draft of Bovodar and the Dragons continues.  I suppose I'm one of those traditional cases where a man comes home from work and struggles to write what he can when he can in his off hours.  I have a growing family and a job that sometimes asks for an extra shift from me every other week.  So, the high-minded pursuit of writing is often put to the side.

In any event, Bovodar and the Dragons continues.  I would say that I am about three fifths finished with the first draft.  Already, the length of this work has exceeded the word count of the first book, but length is not my goal in this new story.  The characters have become more developed, and there are more details about the relationships between Bovodar and his bear friends.  More characters have appeared in this book than I expected, and we even get to learn more about the Wolf King and the world that Bovodar inhabits--its power structures, its geography, and some of its history.  

At this point, Bovodar has encountered two dragons.  Ironically, even though this sequel is titled Bovodar and the Dragons, he will actually encounter far more in the third book of the trilogy: Bovodar and the Wolf.  

So, this second book is taking longer than I had intended.  I am now approaching the end of year two for this book.  I do realize there are other writers out there who throw together novels within a month's time, but then again, writing is not my career...yet.