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Bovodar and the Bears Banner

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

You Can Now Sign Up To Our Newsletter

As things progress with the re-release and the graphic novel project, we've decided to roll out a newsletter this month.  That way, if you want to keep up with all of the new developments of Bovodar and the Bears and related projects, we can send you our monthly updates. 

Also, there will always be a form on the right side of this blog that you can fill out to subscribe.  (I may be adjusting the formatting and look of that form as we proceed.)

We'll be including goodies such as previews and bonuses in the newsletter that you just won't have access to through the blog alone.  So if you want to see some privileged, unreleased material, the newsletter is the place where you'll be seeing it.

We look forward to hearing from ya. 

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